How To Style Womens Vintage


Making vintage clothing work is all about how you style it! Sure you can just throw some vintage on, however the best way to wear it is to make it your own! Check out these 4 styling tips to help you make that vintage find work for you!


Use a scrunchy to make a tie in the front of a graphic tee.

When you use a scrunchy to make a tie on the front or side of the shirt you're taking the extra fabric and fitting it to your figure. Make sure you use a scrunchy that pulls colors from the graphic tee.


Tying an oversized blouse into a not and pairing with high waisted jeans.

When shopping vintage it’s easy to come across many oversized blouses. There's a wide range of colors and style which is amazing! However they don’t always fit the best!


wearing a men’s blazer with a fit and flare skirt that pulls the same tones as the jacket.

Let’s be honest we all know that men’s blazers are big bulky and not always flattering. When wearing a blazer or jacket you’ll want to pair it with a skirt that shows your figure while matching the bulkiness of the top of the jacket. That’s why a fit and flare skirt is one of the best ways to wear a jacket.


Using a piece of fabric to tie a waist belt to fit it to your figure of a vintage dress.

It’s rare that you're going to come by a vintage dress that will fit your figure perfectly. That's why we love using scrap fabric as a belt! Tie it around your waist line and create an accent by tying it like a bow. We recommend using fabric with similar colors to the dress.

January 30, 2021 — Ryan Jones