The Vintage Road an online thrift store focusing authentic vintage clothing
Americans send 9.5 million tons of used and old clothes to the landfills every year. Many pieces of fast fashion make up that number. That's why The Vintage Road urges people to thrift over buying fast fashion. It's a fantastic way to freshen up your closet with clothing that tells the test of time, not to mention it's typically more affordable! 

Quality Clothing

All clothing sold from The Vintage Road goes through a quality check to make sure that we are supplying our customers with quality clothing in excellent condition. With all items hand being selected in our Vintage Collection we can assure you quality items. 

Authentic Vintage

Finding vintage clothing can be hard, but shopping from our collection makes it easy for you! Let us do the work, find the pieces, and let you own them! The clothing we list can be anywhere from the victorian era through the 2000s, making sure there's  something special for every decade lover.

Contact Us

The best way to reach us is through the website chat and email.


Phone: +1(973)-874-1321