Welcome to The Vintage Road, where fashion meets sustainability, and each piece has a story to tell. Established in 2020, our journey began with a simple quest for short-sleeve shirts in the midst of February. The founder, Ryan, found himself frustrated with the lack of options and quality in the fast fashion market. Surveying his closet, he discovered a sea of garments from popular contemporary brands, all nearing the end of their short-lived fashion cycles after just 1-2 years of wear.

As Ryan embarked on a mission to thrift new summer shirts for an upcoming vacation, he stumbled upon a revelation. The patterns and designs he sought were echoing the timeless styles of vintage clothing, yet contemporary counterparts were fetching exorbitant prices of $50 to $150 per shirt. Undeterred, Ryan embraced the challenge, sourced pre-loved gems for his vacation, only to return to a world grappling with the COVID-19 lockdown.

With unexpected time on his hands, Ryan reevaluated his wardrobe choices and decided to list the shirts for sale. To his surprise, they were snapped up within days, giving birth to an idea that would blossom into The Vintage Road a few months later.

The Vintage Road is not just a store; it's a commitment to providing shoppers with second-hand treasures and first-hand experiences. Our mission is to elevate the traditional world of second-hand shopping, offering an upscale experience that redefines pre-loved fashion. We aim to draw more individuals into the sustainable fashion market by highlighting the cyclical nature of modern fashion trends and encouraging a departure from the fast fashion cycle.

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The best way to reach us is through the website chat and email.

Email: Ryan@TheVintageRd.com

Phone: +1(973)-874-1321